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About Us

We are a Hands-on Publisher

We give the author-artist complete creative control of their content while we advise and perfect the rest!

As a hands-on-publisher, a term we created unique to our vision, we are not a self-publishing company. We eliminate corporate rejection while we give our authors full creative control and ownership of their work, from copyrights, royalties, and any other aspects they desire. 

The Green Oak Press Difference

  1. We’re authors. We recognize the intense and oftentimes emotional journey each author travels while completing their work.  We work in concert with our authors, providing them an “front seat” integrated role in the publishing process.
  2. Unlike other publishing firms, Green Oak Press has a publisher,  John Errigo whom has published seven books of his own, and produced and published four famous public domain books.
  3. Our Leadership Team is committed to seeing our authors succeed and ensuring they receive the royalties they deserve. All Green Oak Press authors earn a hefty percent of the royalties their publication earns.
  4. While Green Oak Press is headquartered in the United States, we consider ourselves a global firm and seek out authors from all over the world. We are able to publish your book in your native tongue, but it is company policy to publish manuscripts in English or Spanish first.

Company Relations


John Errigo, M.S.
John J. Errigo, M.S., Ph.D. Candidate

Founder and CEO
Publisher / Author

John holds a Bachelor of Arts in communication from the University of Scranton, and a Master of Science in organizational development and training from Saint Joseph’s University. John is finishing his Ph.D., at Capella University and is currently working on his dissertation on workplace inclusion for diverse staff. He is a man who likes to take things to the next level. He has founded three companies, and his passion is teaching, writing, and creating platforms to get people recognized for their talents. He is committed to excellence in our author’s publications and will not settle or tolerate mediocracy in the end-result.

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396406_10150497995298267_420084670_nSean D. Hamilton 

Creative Specialist

Sean is a multi-talent and internationally recognized Artist from the diverse land of Guyana, located in South America, where flora and fauna abound and the lands merits the name, “A Naturist Paradise”.  He loves being creative and artistically expressive using simplified forms, lines, and a limited palette. However, his uniqueness of style and love for and use of colors sets him a part as one of the best color theorist from the Caribbean region. Hence, Sean will be the artistic force behind color choices and projects, which will help the author identify with their work through his unique design of 100 Green Oak Press colors.

balloon fiesta 12onish[1]Matthew Moody

Marketing Specialist

Matthew’s area of genius pivots around helping to connect elements, people, and resources.  His passion circles around arts, nonprofit administration, real estate investing, holistic wellness and medicine, social, spiritual, and environmental philanthropy, writing, and publishing.

As a visionary, Matthew specializes as a writer, photographer, poet, and astute businessman. Matthew also focuses on the big-picture to support those looking to unleash and manage their innate and natural genius.  Matthew works with our authors to find what is right for their book, life path, business, and projects.

299162_10200948162726686_614866078_nJohn M. Yevonishon 

Continuous Improvement Specialist

John graduated from Lehigh University with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering.  He is also a graduate of the “Dale Carnegie Course” and certified Six Sigma Green Belt with over 13 years of experience in process, project, and production engineering.  Through training and experience he has become very proficient in the art of Lean Enterprise.   “Lean,” is a practice that considers the expenditure of resources for any goal other than the creation of value for the end customer to be wasteful, and thus a target for elimination.  John is trained in such tools as SMEDValue Stream MappingFive SKanban (pull systems), poka-yoke (error-proofing), and Total Productive Maintenance.

Ale GoP pictureAlejandro G. Gonzalez

Spanish Author Liaison / Published Translator & Editor

Alejandro is an avid Spanish and English reader and from Costa Rica.  He communicates in both Spanish and English and will give attention to our Spanish manuscripts and provides our leadership team with recommendations in how to serve our Spanish authors.


30148_1378979007819_1632213961_904079_5647544_n[1]Tyler J. Errigo

Promotions Manager

Tyler is a senior Media Arts student at the University of South Carolina whose interests are found within aesthetics; more specifically videography and audio production. He is talented at manifesting emotion in personal projects or simply providing a professional product for whomever needs one and he works within these mediums to accomplish it. Tyler says: “It is as much of a mentality as it is a passion.”

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